White Body Massage, skin rejuvenation

Ijoy massage chairHot weather, dust, pollution make your skin dull, not smooth and white light.Massage whitening properly will give you a smooth and white skin to make. Increase your charm and confidence when walking down the street.

1. The effect of massage
Massage is a type of physical stimulation that directly affects the skin, nerves, blood vessels and sensory organs, causing neurological, fluid, endocrine, and neurological changes. The dynamics of the nervous system, improve the nutrition and work capacity of the body. There are many different types of massage, but in any form the massage has the best massage chair for the money, the same purpose of overall health care, from skin, hair to toes, nails, to mental health
2. Massage combined with whitening
Massage has a practical effect on the body: care and skin rejuvenation. This method is combined with whitening creams. From there, your skin can both relax and light up thanks to the essence of the whitening cream. You will be completely satisfied when the skin is rejuvenated and bright pink.
3. White massage procedure
– Step 1: Sauna to help the body to help tired, sluggish, mental relaxation. Steam helps to stimulate the sebaceous glands to function, to expel pores and eliminate toxins, to help blood circulation to the skin, making the skin easily absorb nutrients.
– Step 2: Body scrubs. Dead cells cause the skin not smooth. Exfoliate withsand salt and colostrum to remove dead skin, leaving your skin shiny.
– Step 3: After bathing, bathe in lukewarm water.
– Step 4: Mask full body white skin .
– Step 5: During the incubation staff will massage and pressure head with natural essential oils to relax clients.
– Step 6: Take a bath, dry your body.
4. The result of the white massage process
Experience white body massage, you will feel a smooth skin and natural pink color; Improves skin aging, skin health and firmness; The material is used from natural and completely non-abrasive, peeling skin, not irritating the skin, absolutely safe. Skin is white from the root, less sun, for long-term effect.

Mud bath and herbs
Mud after being taken up from the ground is centrifuged to filter impurities, leaving only the blue mud bath diluted, not only have healing effect but also beautiful and smooth skin.
Soaking in mineral mud, or bathing with mineral water, is good for endocrine glands, helping to balance the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, treating chronic diseases of the motor system, dermatitis and diseases. peripheral nervous system. This is a very good cure for people with arthritis.
In addition, bath with herbal juice, juice is also a way to create blood circulation is very effective, very good for people with new flu illness or wake up when cold rain. Massage whitening properly will give you a smooth and white skin to make, you can have that effect by checking out this ijoy 2580 review. Increase your charm and confidence when walking down the street. Massage movements, combined with the use of pure essential oils to help relax both physically and mentally, preventing and treating related symptoms. mentally, physically and psychologically. Massage can to help the body achieve or regain balance in the process of allocating energy. This method works from the outside and deep within the body such as muscles. It can also help with depression and supports the treatment of musculoskeletal and joint problems.