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Since 1996, Axis Group, a leading professional services firm, has delivered hundreds of solutions to satisfied customers at Global 1000 and mid-market organizations. Axis Group combines business and technical excellence with best practices to ensure success. They required a website that provided competitive advantage – a site that could quickly and easily reflect their changing business focus. After considerable due diligence, the Axis Group decided to engage to best crossbow under 400.

Crossbow jackal“Previously, we had to allocate considerable time and resources to developing and updating the number of websites we operate. Crossbow Web enabled our firm to fulfill our content management needs with minimal cost and maximum labor efficiency.”-Lorraine Chapman, E-Marketing Manager, Field Fisher Waterhouse, City of London law firm.

Russell Jones & Walker is a large UK law firm with 600 staff in ten offices across England and Wales. They began using Crossbow Media’s Crossbow Web, in December 2001. Their site is large and active, with hundreds of pages including features like their Family Law and Libel Express interactive forms and a Health and Safety newsletter. There are also doorway pages to client sites hosted on the RJW website. The site is always growing, with new sections being added regularly.

Nordenholz Distributing Company, Ltd. was established in New York in 1930 by Gustav P. Nordenholz. The company specializes in the highest quality parts and accessories for orchestral string instruments sourced from around the world. Nordenholz has been a leader in the orchestral string industry for over 75 years. Nordenholz wanted to expand their reach within the industry, attract new customers and broaden their market’s knowledge of barnett jackal crossbow base while emphasizing their desire to maintain their long-standing, traditional corporate image.

With Crossbow Web from Crossbow Media the Rye Presbyterian Nursery School has been able to bring the classrooms to the parents. Crossbow solutions make it easy for teachers to maintain secure class websites that the parents access via the Internet. Now, the web is becoming more central to the school’s communications. For example, RPNS is now maintaining the school’s calendar entirely online in Crossbow. RPNS is now maintaining a living, changing website in a way that was too cumbersome and expensive to consider before. The school is now able to take full advantage of the web for the benefit of students, parents, teachers and prospective new members of the RPNS family.

Atkins Nutritionals was a fast-growing international enterprise providing a broad range of foods, nutritional supplements and information products designed to serve the millions of consumers who have adopted the controlled carbohydrate lifestyle. With the tremendous growth of the business, Atkins looked to the Web to promote its nutritional approach to health-conscious individuals in countries outside of the United States. In order to serve consumers in the United Kingdom and Australia, Atkins looked to Crossbow Media for a complete Web-based content management solution.

Microtronic, Inc. is an engineering based company specializing in automated semiconductor wafer inspection and sorting systems. The products serve a niche market for major semiconductor manufacturers such as IBM, Intel and Texas Instruments. Microtronic’s secondary business is as a dealership for Carl Zeiss, Inc industrial line of microscopes in the Florida region. This diversity requires a unique web based solution. Crossbow offered the ease of use, flexibility and expandability that they were looking for.